If you want to go fast…go alone
If you want to go far…go together …African Proverb

GOH Poverty Alleviation through Micro financing(PAM) Project, powered by Cisco Systems

Poverty alleviation is the social mission and guiding principal of The Global Outreach for Humanity, (GOH) Foundation. To that end, we work with Presidents, Heads of State, Ambassadors and NGO’s from around the world.

As we travel to carry out our mission, we encounter wonderful sights and sounds, great cultural diversity and fascinating people. We also discover other things that are less wonderful, like how difficult it is to make a living and support a family in many countries. Too many hard-working people simply don't have the resources or opportunities to prosper.

But there is a lot that we can do to change that—not by charity, but by lending. Just as businesses here in the U.S. usually need financing to get off the ground, entrepreneurs in developing countries often need loans to build successful businesses. Sometimes, a "micro-loan" of as little as $300 can help a seamstress or tailor in Ghana purchase the goods they need to expand their business and make it profitable and self-sustaining.

GOH is in the business of empowering unique entrepreneurs around the globe. The people you will see on our website are real individuals in need of funding. You can choose who you wish tofund and how much you choose to give and GOH will send you updates as the loan is repaid. In our 5 years of microfinancing experience, more than 98% of loans have been repaid and when you get your loan money back, you can relend to someone else in need. These loans help real people make great strides towards economic independence and improved life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

You are invited to join us in becoming a GOH Foundation member, a travel partner and a micro-lender. We're asking all of our friends and travelers to join us in giving back to those amazing destinations we visit by joining us and lending through our micro-finance program. Get involved and enjoy the tremendous satisfaction of being a part of a wide network of like-minded travelers and partners who are working together to make this world a better place.

Micro-Financing is only one of many projects of The GOH Foundation. Ask us aboutCapital Market development and Workforce development programs and our established training center that benefits the unemployed and the underemployed right here in Richmond and surrounds.

The GOH Foundation forms allliances when and wherever possible.

While all Field Partners working with GOH have a strong social mission, some go further by specifically including poverty alleviation as part of their guiding principles.

To that end, GOH seeks out Field Partners who target poorer populations despite the added costs and difficulties. Providing financial and non-financial services to poorer populations can often be challenging, and microfinance institutions must work hard to stay true to their mission. Serving the very poor can be riskier, more expensive and quite burdensome to implement in a sustainable manner. Some institutions pursue sustainability by serving individuals at different poverty levels in order to diversify their portfolio.

Field Partners can target poverty in different ways, including selecting geographic locations such as rural villages or urban slums where the population is poorer than the general population. Other options for reaching poorer populations may include utilizing poverty assessment tools with each new borrower, and/or offering products and services in a manner that attracts poorer borrowers (such as small loan sizes, uncollateralized loans, and solidarity groups). Because implementing these services and methodologies can be costly, GOH’s lenders offer no interest, risk tolerant capital to our Field Partners to encourage their efforts.

Field Partners who reach deeper into poor populations to serve their unique needs are awarded the Anti-Poverty Certification certificate by GOH.


The GOH Foundation is pleased to have formed a strategic alliance with The Global Institute of Technology, (GIT) Services

Git Services is a minority owned business and training facility, located in Central and Northern Virginia, seeking to assist in bringing economic development to Virginia and to our nation through our multi-faceted access model.

The Value added is that the product, Informational Technology (IT) training an certification, leads to workforce development in sectors where jobs are readily available, with high salaries, even in an economic downturn. To this end, The GOH Foundation and GIT services have collaborated to bring forward the following workforce concept.



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